Fire Proof Paints

Manufacturer & Exporter of Fire Proof Paints. Our product range also comprises of Fire Coating Products, Fire Retardant Clear Coating and Fire Retardant Fabric.

When exposed to fire, Contego fire retardant coatings expand to form a tough char barrier fire cannot penetrate. Deprived of fuel, the fire quickly dies. Contego not only helps prevent fires, it minimizes deadly smoke production, one of the leading causes of fatalities in residential and commercial fires.

AMEETUFF's PRIORITIES-- Our customers are of the upmost importance to us, making sure our customers are satisfied and getting the correct product they need for their project, shipping it as quickly as possible, being knowledgeable of the industry, these are just some of the reasons why AMEETUFF is rated one of the top Manufacturers of Fire Retardant Coatings & Flame Retardant fabrics in the industry. AMEETUFF abides by a strict code of professional ethics when it comes to our business and customers, we invite you to watch our videos and review our products, we have articles and other information of interest on our site. Get in touch with AMEETUFF for more information.

AMEETUFF Timber Guard - for interior use on raw / unfinished Wood, Lumber, Plywood, OSB, MDF, I-joists (TJI), hardwoods, softwoods, reclaimed wood, mezzanine flooring, scaffolding, processed wood, wall panelling, wooden crafts, panels, mantels, cabinets, trim, doors and more.

FIRE RETARDANT COATING for fireproofing wood, plywood, timbers or other materials that are already painted or stained, FIRE RETARDANT COATING for thatching, bamboo, rattan or wicker, top coat or under coating for Timber or plywood.